The Dream Home By Maria Laura

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was no counter-offer from the Seller, therefore we would be starting anew. Regardless, Maria Laura sent a new offer, which we signed immediately, so it could be presented to the Seller the next day. We were hopeful that our strong offer of only 5% less than the asking price would be readily accepted. Again, it was wishful thinking. The next morning we were informed that the seller would not accept any price less than 1,000€ below his asking price. Vince and I were beginning to doubt that fate was still on our side. We debated not raising our offer price because we felt that we were dealing with an arrogant, unreasonable Seller, but after considering every aspect long and hard, we decided to accept his counter offer. The apartment…show more content…
Predicting what our final cost would be, Vince contrived several financial scenarios as he perused through bank statements and check book registers. We discussed a return trip to Italy at the close of escrow. Unfortunately, Vince would have to represent us both at that paramount, “once in a lifetime” event, because as an employee, the remainder of my limited vacation time-off from work, was already allocated to our travel plans scheduled throughout the year. Nevertheless, I preferred to forgo the formalities of signing the deed, to attend our official move-in day sometime later. I was longing to take a detailed inventory of the kitchen and household items supplied with the apartment. At first glance, it appeared that the space was tastefully furnished, but I was looking forward to adding my own creative touches, including replacing the colorful sheer window coverings in every room. It was nearly 6:30 in the morning when the phone rang. I noticed that my hands shook slightly while I poured Vince a cup of coffee when he answered the call. Undoubtedly, Maria Laura had news for us, but I could not determine if it was positive news, since Vince’s facial expression and voice refection provided no indication. Immediately after he ended the conversation, however, I instinctively felt despair and without Vince saying a word, I knew that we were not successful in obtaining ownership of the apartment.
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