The Dream Of A Dream

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Slipping back into her dream, she was no longer in the church. Dream Fianna had just reached the market in the village square with her sisters and the cart. Scouring the marketplace for the shawl maker, the girls were approached by a middle-aged woman leading a bedraggled nag attached to a cart stacked with knitted goods. Laboriously, the lady plodded along, dragging her left leg. Dream Fianna smiled shyly at the woman. This wasn’t part of the lesson, Fianna told them. I never met this woman in the VRC. Dream Fianna turned. “You should have. You missed the witch thing. This is part of what you need to understand.” “See what exquisite wares fill my cart,” she crooned in a grandmotherly voice, enticing the girls to step closer. From the top of the pile, the woman extracted a bright green shawl knitted with the softest of wool and handed it to Dream Fianna. “This is perfect for the little one.” The girls, mesmerized by the pattern, gawked at the pile of shawls, all bearing the identical knot pattern. “This is the exact knot that we’ve been looking for!” Dream Fianna was excited. “Have you sold any of these today?” The woman smirked crookedly, the corners of her mouth askew. Looking directly into Dream Fianna’s eyes, she said, “Well, sure I did or my name’s not Mistress Carman Tooley. Was not long ago that a lad gave me coins for one and headed down that path through the woods.” Dream Fianna scanned the market stalls. The woman’s name wasn’t right. “Really? The

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