The Dream Of Conquering The Skies

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The dream of conquering the skies has been with humanity ever since we became civilized. For thousands of years, humans have looked up into the sky, wondering if they can manipulate the flying capabilities of a bird. That reality came true during the early nineteenth century. On December 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers achieved the very first heaver than air flight. The technic that the Wright Brothers created closely resemble the shape of a normal bird and flew in the air for almost a minute in North Carolina. Although the physics of achieving flight was not understood during that time period, the Wright Brother 's achievement spread like wild fire, giving sparks of interest to many people around the globe. Despite achieving the dream of conquering the skies which was deemed impossible to most, the interest of aviation flight in America was low. However, the U.S. Federal Government saw the potential of aviation flight. Thus, the government created acts/policies for the aviation industry that would promote aviation usage throughout the country. The Airmail Act of 1925 and the Air Commerce Act of 1926 not only promoted aviation but also covered areas such as private contracts with post masters, creation of routes, and the licensing of pilots and aviation maintenance personnel. As time passed on, technological and scientific advancements were made in the field of aviation. The invention of the turbine engine, pressurized cabin, and the creation of the wide body aircraft are to

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