The Dream Of Emperor Ming

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1.The Dream of Emperor Ming He was the Emperor during East Han, Ming was his name.He had a dream about Buddha.And that the very next day he ordered some his officials to travel west in an attempt to find what had caused his vision. The officials then travel to the west and eventually came upon two Buddhist monks with two white horses. The monks carried with them a picture of Buddha and their horses were carried with holy Buddhist scriptures. The Chinese officials invited the monks to return with them to China 's capital Chang An and introduce Buddhism to the emperor.

2.Analects It’s a book of Confucius’s sayings. It was put together slowly,50-250years after “ The Master’s death.”Compiled apparently by many different people. This book was about Confucius’s personality and thoughts therefore not entirely consistent throughout the book.

3.An Shi-kao

The first translator and meditation teacher. According to legend, he was a prince of Parthia, nicknamed the "Parthian Marquess", who renounced his claim to the royal throne of Parthia in order to serve as a Buddhist missionary monk in China. He arrived in China at 148 AD. His assistants were An Xuan and Chinese monk Yan Fotiao. He did two types pf translation: Meditation, Anbo shoyi jing amd Abhidharma, Skandhadhavayatanasutra.

4.Apocryphal Sutras It refer to indigenous Buddhist texts composed outside the Indian culture sphere, but on the model of Indian or Serindian scripture. Such texts were sometimes written in
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