The Dream Of Equality : The American Revolution Essay

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Democratizing Freedom The Dream of Equality The American Revolution was a struggle for national independence. America became a society of democracy and abandoned the principles of hereditary rule and fixed status. Inequality had been embedded into colonial society, but the American Revolution has changed that, allowing equality in rights. B. Expanding the Political Nation The Revolution did not change for those who were not free, but for freemen, the democratization of freedom was dramatic. The term “democracy” had multiple definitions, including a government that was directly governed by the people. This term was used more often during the American Revolution to inspire the struggle for independence. Election campaigns slowly became debates on societal issues. They were not only discussed by the elite, but also by the people from the lower classes, who demanded the rights to vote and elect their officers. C. The Revolution in Pennsylvania Almost the entire elite class of Pennsylvania opposed independence from Britain, causing them to fear being attacked. Thomas Paine and Thomas Young associated with the Second Continental Congress, who opposed the independence, but they hoped to change their views. After independence, Pennsylvania adopted a new constitution, which allowed an annually elected legislature. In order to vote, they must be paying taxes, and they abandoned the officer of governor. D. The New Constitutions Every state adopted a
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