The Dream Of The American Dream

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Throughout life everybody has heard the line “Follow your dreams!” This simple sentence has inspired many. This idea of creating a dream and chasing it has inspired the American Dream. The American Dream is different for everybody. It could be getting married, creating a business, or being a hero. It turns out the American Dream is not for everybody. There is always something standing in the way of the American Dream. Race, social status, and the individual are standing in the way between the person and the American Dream. A person 's race determines whether they will achieve the American Dream. The median household income for whites is $58,270, the median household income for Hispanics is $40,963, and the median household income for…show more content…
He sent his resume into many businesses and was unable to get a job. He then dropped the S from his name to conduct his experiment. “Joe” Zamora sent his resume into the exact same businesses and started getting call backs immediately. Jose’s story is discouraging as an indication of race relations, and all too common. He hypothesized that a “white” name would help him find a job, and he was right (Vail). An individual 's race is on of the most major factors in determining whether or not they will achieve the American Dream. This idea is exemplified by Crooks. Crooks wants a better life for himself. After talking to Lennie Crooks gets excited about living in a different place, having friends. Soon after he gets his hopes up they are crushed. He remembers he is black, and wouldn 't get his dreams because of it (Steinbeck 76-81). A person 's social status also determines their opportunity to gain the American Dream. Children born to wealthy parents are more able to achieve the American Dream. They have the money and the connections to reach the American Dream. Because of their wealth they are able to pay for the highest education, get into the best schools, and get a really successful job. Throughout American history there have been stories about people going from rags to riches, although all these stories are exactly what one would think, fictional. Fictional stories that were used to inspire people to attempt to further their status. All
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