The Dream Of The American Dream

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Through the out life everybody has heard the line “Follow your dreams!” This simple sentence has inspired many. This idea of creating a dream and chasing it has inspired the American Dream. The American Dream is different for everybody. It could be getting married, creating a business, or being a hero. It turns out the American Dream is not for everybody. There is always something standing in the way of the American Dream. Race, social status, and the individual are standing in the way between the person and the American Dream.

A person 's race determines whether they will achieve the American Dream. The median household income for whites is $58,270, the median household income for Hispanics is $40,963, and the median household income for blacks is $34,598 (U.S. Census Bureau). White people are more likely to climb to the top of the ladder of success, people of color are more likely to stay at the bottom. There are some people of color who have made it to the middle, but never were able to get higher. People of color have a higher chance to be born into poverty than white people. These people will most likely stay there the rest of their lives. More than half of black adults raised at the bottom of the income scale remain stuck there as adults (Reeves). Most white people were born into money. They can then get higher on the ladder and then their children will be born into their money. This process continues on and on. “Blacks are twice as likely to be poor compared to…
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