The Dream Of The Rood By William Shakespeare

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When I read the assignments in the beginning of the semester, I was thinking that the material that we covered will not be appealing to me. In high school, my twelfth grade English class covered, William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, was not impressed then, and not much has changed since my time at South View High School. I was familiar with Dante infernos, also Homer and the Trojan War. Still thinking to myself which will chose, it was not until I was required to read “The Dream of the Rood” an Old English Poem, that of all the assignment we had to read this particular piece really resonated with me. I can remember seeing the movie “The Passion of the Christ” a movie that depicted the brutal crucifixion of Jesus Christ in 2004, I can remember thinking that this is an incredible way of telling the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Then I read the Dream of the Rood and it is an emotional and inspiring piece of work.
In the story “The Dream of the Rood” it speaks to me on an emotional level, it tells the story of Christ from a different standpoint, it describes Jesus Christ as a hero not merely a man that is full filling prophecy. I know the of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, I understand that he came to save the world, and the way He died the brutality of it had to be that way in order to fulfill prophecy. In the dream of the rood the writer says as Jesus is approaching the cross “He climbed on the high gallows, bold in the sight of many, when he would…
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