The Dream Of The Rood, Julian Of Norwich's Revelations And Paradise Lost Essay

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Religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods or a particular system of faith and worship. In the world we live in many have different religion and believes. Some are forced into religion to believe this is the right way and others were brought up into that religion since birth. This make others think they are more superior than others. Religion has been passed on from generation to generation. Has religion changed over time? Yes of course. We have many religions such as Christianity, Gnosticism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Others. According to the text or readings The Dream of the Rood, Julian of Norwich's Revelations, and Milton's Paradise Lost, they both had…show more content…
The ethical paradigm traditionally associated with the treasurehouse model of mentality in Old English poetry—the sapiential economy of the accumulation and then distribution of mental valuables— converges in The Dream of the Rood with the poet’s religious ideal of the Christian faith as universally acknowledged and collectively practiced in the form of devotion to the Cross”(Mize Britt, pg 177). The rood's description, had a deep connection and references to both the Christian and Pagan culture, also indicating the obedient relationship he had or shared with Jesus Christ as that of a Lord and thane. He told a story about his dream, in his dream he saw amazing, gorgeous rood-trees which lifted all the way into the air, covered or decorated with gems and covered by gold. The dreamer was laying down for a long time, until suddenly he heard the tree started speaking. The tree then started to tell its story. It all started the tree explained how it was cut down from the edge of the forest and was made into a cross by man. After being made into a cross it was placed on a hill. After being placed on the hill, he saw that men brought Jesus Christ on the hill to be placed on the cross. When the tree saw that the earth was trembling, the cross

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