The Dream Of The Rood

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“The Dream of the Rood” is a poem about Jesus’ crucifixion from the perspective of the cross and a dreamer. This poem is important because it tells the salvation story of an individual and the entire world, reveals the heavy cost of redemption, and displays a Christian before, during, and after a terrible time of affliction. This poem is considered the greatest Anglo-Saxon religious poem (Greenblatt 32). It begins with a dreamer who sees a rood in his dream. The dreamer notices there is blood on the rood. The rood begins to speak and tells the story about how the Son of God ended up dying on him. Jesus’ death nearly killed the rood, yet God raised them both up, and the rood now “tower[s] in glory under heaven (Greenblatt 34).” After hearing the rood’s tale, the dreamer prays to the rood and becomes a believer. The story of “The Dream of the Rood” may seem like an ordinary and unoriginal work about Christ’s renowned sacrifice, yet when one looks closer, it is evident that this poem is different because its message goes beyond the story of the cross. This poem is obviously about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the redemption of the world, but readers may fail to notice that another salvation story is taking place. The dreamer, an individual, becomes saved through this experience. In the beginning, the dreamer recognizes that the “tree was triumphant and I tarnished by sin, begrimed with evil (Greenblatt 33).” This could suggest that the rood is acting as a
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