The Dream Sequence From The Big Lebowski

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The "Gutterballs" dream sequence from The Big Lebowski incorporates images that stem from experiences earlier in the movie: each image is a memory from The Dude 's real life. The dream strips the dream-thoughts of their high intensity and transfers them to these images that, due to overdetermination, have intensity values higher than what they originally were: "a transference and displacement of physical intensities occurs… and it is as a result that the difference between the text of the dream-content and that of the dream-thoughts comes about" (Freud 820). The dream, through the process of condensation, compresses all meaning from the unconscious mind into the images shown (Freud 819) and links them together in an attempt to convey the dream-wish that lies at the centre of the dream-thoughts. By unravelling the dream-thoughts, the viewer is able to recognize that Maude represents women in Gutterballs and The Dude 's desire for comfortableness with the reality of female genitalia, but remains inaccessible due the fear of castration that comes with the confrontation of a woman 's lack of a phallus. Thus, The Dude requires the fetishizing of bowling in order to access Maude and her symbolic meaning. The manifest content of the dream, the physical images of the dream, are highly overdetermined from an original source: "multiple determination must be of importance in choosing what particular elements shall enter a dream" (Freud 820). Each image seen in the dream can be traced

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