The Dream of the American Renaissance

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The Period had writers of the Transcendentalist belief, who aspired to become larger than life itself; to ascend onto the level of a deity, and to break free from a dangerous world full of adversary. Their Dream of Ascendance, their goal of becoming independent, is the one thought that was fully realized throughout this period. The Transcendentalists at the time embraced being different, allowing themselves to become distant from the people by welcoming what was already there; nature. The period also offered the alternative view; the highly cynical attitude towards humans gave another outlook that shows how far humanity has to go to achieve this goal. The American Dream of Self-Reliance expresses itself the most during The American Renaissance; with writers such as Emerson and Thoreau showing the beliefs of the Transcendentalists both physically and philosophically, leading to the ascendance of the individual in independence.
The American Renaissance was carried by the Transcendentalists and their polar opposites, the Dark Romantics. The beliefs of the two were relatively the same, and were only different through the way they saw mankind; the optimism towards success, or the pessimistic view of failure. The Transcendentalists believed that the key to success in ascending into Godhood was…
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