The Dreamers By Dave Isay

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What really defines a dreamer? Is it the children who have unrealistic dreams of playing in the big leagues or is it someone who has a plan and will go out of his or her way to achieve it? Both of these options can be true. Dreamers are special in this world because they have hope for something they believe in. Nothing is more fascinating than seeing an individual who never gave up and worked extremely hard to reach their goal. Having read only three sections so far, I have explored the individual’s purpose and passion for the work they pursue. The “Dreamers” section has made me analyze what I have and want with my future career. Overall, the elements of the book defining dreamers explains the meaning of a risk taker, the hard work and dedication involved, and the passion it takes to reach your goals. Dave Isay strongly connects with his readers in the “Dreamers” section of Callings. Adventure and purpose surround this section especially with the bridge-tender, street astronomer, and the NBA referee story. Defining a dreamer can be determined in many ways. As said before, adventure and purpose are the main components of a dreamer. The information gained from this section is that dreamers have this sense of hope and passion for the calling they pursue no matter what it is. Individuals such as Herman Heyn lived out their dream by performing certain tasks. Herman made a living by working as a street corner astronomer and never worked a day in his life because he

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