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Discuss how your understanding of change has been developed by your prescribed and related texts. Change is a process of alteration it can be instantaneous or it could be a gradual change, change may be physical, psychological or environmental all change that occurs is either positive or negative, in relation to the prescribed text “ The Dreamers” a play by Jack Davis, a related text of Kevin Rudd’s sorry speech and a cartoon by R.Cobb use a variety of visual and literary techniques to show that a large amount of change that occurs around the world results in negative change rather than positive change. The play the dreamers is about the impact on modern Aboriginals since the settlement of the “white” community it focuses on the…show more content…
The audience is made aware of this when dolly begins to complain about the lack of facilities with in the house. “Oh gawd. I wish we had a decent place to live in. no hot water, no locks on the doors ” these examples reinforce the need for the standard of living that most aboriginal people endure. This is also reinforced to the audience when dolly compares her house to a concentration camp. ”Worse than living in a bloody camp”. This shows that they are willing to accept change and progress to a more positive and comfortable environment. Characterisation in the play is used to highlight how the loss of traditional lifestyle has been replaced with traditional white man alcohol and tobacco that have left aboriginal men addicted and aimless. The impact of white settlement has cause the aboriginal people to loss their values and believes. They are so addicted that they are willing to spend the children’s lunch money on alcohol. The rhetorical question to the audience, “aw mum, why can’t I leave school already anyway? Shows the audience that Meena was so egger to learn in the beginning and has now fallen into the stereotypical aboriginal, leaving school, falling pregnant. This shows Aboriginal terms such as Wetjalas and Noongahs show the inequalities between the two races is the quote look Noongahs buy their grog form Wetjalas, when they break the law the git jigged by Wetjalas. Though out the play the are multiple

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