The Dreams And Dreams Are Closer Than They Seem

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The impossibilities and dreams in life are closer than they seem. People will start to achieve what they want in life once they learn to believe in themselves. Throughout my life, I have struggled to learn the way my classmates learn; it took me a lot longer to grasp certain topics and concepts than others. During third grade my parents and teachers decided to put me in a smaller class with two teachers to guide me through school. At first I was ambiguous about what was happening, but then began to feel as if I wasn’t wise enough, and that feeling brought me down. My parents helped me better understand that everyone struggles through life one way or another and that it is one step closer to reaching success. I have learned a lot about my family and their obstacles in education which made me connect with them and my struggles in school. I learned that my father has also struggled in school not because of academics, but because he sacrificed for his family. My father never got the chance to experience high school in his life because of the fact that his father was very ill at the time. On that note, my father dropped out of school to support his family. Whereas, my older brother and sister went through a similar process as me and were put into smaller classrooms because of the way they gathered information differently than others. After his school they both attended college for a couple of years and decided to drop out. Even though I may be the youngest in my family, I feel as
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