The Dred Scott Case On The New Territories Of The West Essay

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At the beginning of the 1860s, the national Democratic party split in half. It had split into the Northern Democrats and the Southern Democrats. They split because of the issue of slavery, which was very alive at the time. As well, the Dred Scott case played an important role in the split of the party. The Northern Democrats didn’t want slavery to expand into the new territory. On the other end, Southern Democrats called for the preservation of slavery within their states and the expansion into the new territories of the west. Their contentious battles at the national convention in both Charleston and Baltimore prove that they were a party divided. Because of this, it would eventually lead to the election of Abraham Lincoln and the secession of the southern states. The Northern Democrats believed that slavery needed to be halted to the states they were already in. If it moved into new territory, it would throw off the balance of free and slave states. They also called for popular sovereignty. Popular sovereignty calls for a democratic government by the people and for the people. Stephen Douglas ran for the Northern Democrats and upheld their position on the matter of slavery expansion and popular sovereignty. As well, he upheld the prevention of disunion. The Northern Democrats were angered that the Southern Democrats were calling for the expansion of slavery to the new territories and that is what ultimately split them from the Southern Democrats. On the other end, the
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