The Dred Scott Decision : A Simple Court Case That Shook America

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The Dred Scott Decision: A Simple Court Case that Shook America

Congress and the American people debated over slavery and its expansion. Although Congress passed laws in order to try to eliminate the issue, these compromises only temporarily decreased the tension. In 1857, the Supreme Court made an influential ruling regarding expansion in the case of Dred Scott v Sandford. The Dred Scott Decision shook the American public and forced the dispute over slavery and its expansion . Congress could not agree because the North and the South were no longer willing to compromise. Despite its intent to resolve the issue of slavery in America, the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott ruling actually further divided political parties and increased tension between the North and the South. Congress created the Missouri Compromise in 1820 in order to solve the dispute over slavery in the Louisiana Territory. The final decision was to make territories within the Louisiana Purchase north of the 36°30° line free and states south of the 36°30° line slave states. Both sides agreed to this as the South could grow its cotton and the North prevented further expansion of slavery in that region. The South compromised, but wanted slavery to expand more. According to the Illinois State Register, “For a period of over two years, every good Republican, instead of saying amen at the end of his prayer, said Missouri Compromise.” The South realized the North’s behavior as well. The…

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