The Dress

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The dress The dress is written by Julia Darling, it’s a short story from 2006. The mothers name is Larry; she’s 40-year old and divorced. She works as a bereavement counselor and she lives with her two daughters, Rachel and Flora. Larry is described as a very unnoticeable woman, who does her best to avoid conflict and confrontation. Example from the text: “whispered the mother, who wanted life to be calm, a flat sea with no sudden breezes. She liked emotions to be explored in safe rooms, with a clock”. It means that she wants her family to appear happy, so all these emotions should be explored at home where nobody else can see it. Even though she’s having a hard time finding her personal life and her job and needs to rest and relax…show more content…
We achieve a better understanding for all three persons and their actions. The story draws a line to post modernism by providing a picture of a family trying to fool the world into thinking that they are happy, when the truth is that they are not. It is far more important to appear happy than being so. One of the themes is definitely the single mother with a career, trying to make her family work. It is also a story about separated parents, where the communication is the one that suffers in that process and therefore is the one that does not work. There’s Flora who choose the Light green dress. I Think the dress means Happy and loved. Because when she found the dress she finally saw herself prettier than Rachel. And also when she went with her Italian friend and he confirmed that she had slim and long legged. There’s also the blue silk dress. Flora feel confident because blue is a royal color and royalty is often equalized with good manners and perfect appearance. And the other symbol is when Rachel wears a black dress with red earrings. The color was chosen to show the anger and the hate she feels for her sister. I think Red symbolizes rage and anger, and black symbolizes death or hatred. Earlier in the story Rachel taps her red nails on the table, which also implants a certain awareness of the feelings she has towards her sister. The theme(s) I think that

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