The Dressing Policy Of The Police Force

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An Analysis of the Dressing Policy of the Police Force
Ronnie Rester
Faulkner University Abstract The Police force, commonly referred to as the boys in blue in an English idiom and even the uniformed service in other places have been easily identifiable to the public through their uniform. The uniform has not only been significant in identifying the particular station of the police but also the nature of work the police handles. Amongst the police officers, the uniform has also served as an identification of position in the chain of command. Even so, there are the secret investigators who dress like civilians to enable them perform their investigative roles. However, there are standards and policies that are used to guide the nature of dressing that a police officer is allowed to dress in regardless of whether or not a police officer is in uniform. This paper shall address the historical background of the choice of uniform in the police service, the need for the same and the impact that the uniform has had since its inception. Additionally, it shall address how the dress policy among the police is implemented and whether or not the policy is good and effective. Lastly, this paper shall look at the impacts of having a dress policy among the police to the police officers, the community and other stakeholders in the society.

Keywords: Dress, Policy, Police, Implement. Table of Contents
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