The Drink Is Not The Point

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The Drink Is Not The Point… …this is my concise evaluation of the Red Bull brand summed up in one line. However, what follows is a slightly more in-depth analysis of how, in just 17 years, this has come to be the case. Of how Red Bull has come to be asked for by name in every pub/bar/club worldwide. Of how a-list celebrities are photographed drinking Red Bull in those pubs/bars/clubs worldwide. Of how Red Bull has acquired most of the top athletes in most of the extreme sports as well as from numerous other championships worldwide. Of how they stage the most awesome extreme sports spectacles the world has ever seen and transmit them to millions of viewers worldwide. And of how it is almost impossible to search the internet or social media without coming across some kind of spectacular Red Bull sponsored content. And why they went to all that effort when the product itself, a can of Red Bull, is almost never directly promoted. Red Bull was created by an Austrian toothpaste salesman Dietrich Mateschitz who after suffering from jet lag after a long flight to Thailand he happened upon a local pick-me-up called Krating Daeng. Created from a blend of caffeine and taurine and marketed locally as an energy and well-being booster it successfully cured his sickness and he was so impressed he bought the company. According to internet legend he then had the vision and genius to transform the obscure Krating Daeng into the universal, high-octane lifestyle concept worth over $7.5
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