The Drinking Age Should Remain The Same

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There is controversy about whether the drinking age should be lowered, raised, or remain the same. My opinion is that the drinking age should remain the same. Teenagers still receive alcohol one way or another, and lowering the age would cause more of a problem. When the drinking age was raised to twenty-one in 1984, the amount of underage drinking dropped significantly, and still drops today. If the drinking age was raised, it would be unfair to those who are of the proper age where the maturity level is much greater than a teenager. At the age of twenty-one, the brain is far more developed than a teenager’s brain. Underage drinking was, is, and always will be a problem. No matter the drinking age, teenagers will find a way to score some alcohol somewhere. Many college students actually invest in fake ID’s. This is a common way for people underage to acquire alcohol. The maturity level of teenagers is not great enough to withstand the power to buy alcohol. Teenagers are less responsible and there are studies that show it. A study commenced by “” recorded that seventeen percent of fatal accidents happen from underage drunk drivers. If the law was lowered it would be medically irresponsible. The brain of young adults is nowhere near fully developed as a teenager.…show more content…
At this age the brain is almost fully developed. This age group is more responsible than those of the teenage category, and they should know how to handle their alcohol. Raising the age would most likely cause more people to illegally purchase or obtain alcohol through someone of the legal age. This would cause more crime, and possibly making it more irresponsible. There are studies that show many people under age try to obtain alcohol illegally because they are doing something that is against the law. It gives them a sort of thrill being able to do something the majority of their age group
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