The Driving Factors Of A Personal Counseling Theory?

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Kasani Bell
ECG 621
Dr. Shannon McCarthy
Monday 5pm
September 5th, 2017

Personal Counseling Theory

“The black family of the future will foster our liberation, enhance our self-esteem, and shape our ideas and goals” (Dorothy Height). Though this quote is specific to black families, I believe that all families should strive to attain the qualities mentioned by Ms. Height. My goal in counseling is to help mold and strengthen the family structure, particularly in communities of color and of lower socioeconomic status. My race, close-knit family and the neighborhood I grew up in are the driving factors behind my wanting to pursue a degree in counseling. All three of these factors are very important to me and therefore I believe they will strongly influence my personal counseling theory. I can distinctively remember the moment I became aware of my blackness. I was in the second grade and seeking attention from a boy I had a crush on. He would often kiss the hair of other girls in my class, but he never kissed mine. When I asked him to kiss my hair he informed me that he did not kiss “nappy” or “black” hair. It was at that moment that I began to associate blackness with “badness”. This is a theme that is consistently reinforced to young black children today. In media, it is not uncommon to see black people portrayed in a negative light whether it be violent or over sexualized. Through counseling, I hope to be able to teach young men and women of color the importance of loving
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