The Driving Force Behind Designing An Educational Plan

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In America today, it is clear that one size does not fit all when it comes to education. Students come from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, with experiences that shape them as unique individuals with individual educational needs. Educators are tasked with examining students as individuals and determining the best course of action for each student to learn and achieve. The driving force behind designing an educational plan that addresses individual students’ needs is courageous leadership that is willing to implement change. Additionally, educators must consider socioeconomic differences of student populations. Finally, schools must move beyond traditional universal learning and find ways to inspire students through personalized learning plans. When an educational system realizes that one size does not fit all students, leaders will rise to bring about reform to meet the needs of students, leading them to success. Education reform requires forward thinking, courageous leadership to insist on an individualized approach to learning. Just as health care provides diagnosis and treatment, education should focus on the unique needs of each student (Reville, 2015). Individualized learning plans can benefit all students, not just those identified as gifted, or those with specific learning disabilities. Courageous leaders recognize the effectiveness of the inclusion of ESE students into rigorous academic programs. Learning alongside honors students, with expectations set high,

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