The Driving Force Behind European Imperiealsm

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------------------------------------------------- Career Choices and Taxes What do you know about choosing a career? 1. What are your strengths? I like to work with my hands, i work well in teams. 2. What are you weaknesses? I get frustrated easily 3. What are your career goals? Mechanical Engineer 4. How would you describe yourself? Problem solver 5. Describe your ability to work as part of a team. I do what I’m told. 6. Why should we hire you (or accept you into this position)? I know what im doing and I can work well with a team. Change Happens The average job is now only 2.1 years in length. This means that the average worker could have as many as 20 different jobs in his or her working lifetime. Small business is…show more content…
The S(___________) person is amiable, loyal, does not like conflict, and is concerned about ________________. The C(_________) person is analytical, loves detail, factual, can seem rigid, and loves __________________. Job Hunting Companies do not start out looking for _________________. They have a specific ____________________ and they need someone to meet it. Develop a Strategy: Identify your ________________________. ________________________ everything you can about them. Resumes When it is time to contact the company, think of it like starting a new __________________ with a person. After you target the companies where you would most like to work, you are going to contact them at least three times. Introduction __________________, Cover letter and Resume _______________ follow-up Interviews and jobs come from persistent follow-up and ________________. Interviews Present yourself well. You are the ___________________, so make it the best one available. Be on ___________, address everyone by _______________, offer a firm, confident _______________, and maintain ___________________ contact at all times. Designate a time to __________________ ____________________ after the interview . . .DO IT! Overtime and Extra Jobs Raising your income ___________ - term is a career track issue. Raising it __________ - term means the dreaded part-time job. How do you get started with an extra job? Be willing to ___________________ to win. Have a

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