The Driving Test

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This is not true of the whole world, but the amount of ‘learning’ necessary to be allowed on the streets is dreadful. In the US, all that is necessary is test of common sense and a demonstrated aptitude of deciphering street signs. The only real learning necessary is how to appease the proctor in a 15 minute drive
The driving test itself is about as close to a literal walk in the park as is possible, the only difference being that instead of walking on your own two feet, the car does that for you. Other than self imposed stress, there are no outside stressors on the test.
In most places, the person learning to drive can have lessons administered by the license seekers parents, regardless of their driving record. It is not as if the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) actually looks into the
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It is not if they needed a notary or witness present to sign. Even assuming (whoever) did indeed go out with them and, took the lessons as serious as a heart attack (of which there is no guarantee), they likely only took the prospective driver on a tame and docile drive.
The test itself is even easier, because the has learned to keep calm and quiet over the years. They silently check boxes, make notes and give directions until the test is over. The only skill required is parallel parking.
Now that electronic sensors have reached a point of essentially flawless efficacy in normal driving conditions, those drivers can be replaced by computers. Autos are already technically capable of autonomy, the only thing stopping them is the burden of proof of their learning.
So why not administer a driving test the same way we do humans? I would bet millions of dollars that a Tesla equipped with autopilot or a Google pod car, would outperform the average 16 year old on his or her driving exam any and every day of the week (assuming its sensors are efficacious in the weather of that
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