The Dropped Sales Of Cereal

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The dropped sales of cereal. One of the main issues that I have noticed about my idea of making All-In-One product is the dropping sales of consumption of cereals. As the data shows the consumption of cereal has dropped about 5-7 percent these past couple of years (Trafecante, 2016). However, the reason is not the reducing number of people who eat breakfast, but the increasing number of variety of breakfast meal in the stores, which makes many people to switch to another type of breakfast food. As it mentioned in the New York Times article many companies, such as Kellogg, General Mills and Post, concerned about the reducing trend of sales are trying new innovative ways to stop the downward trend (Melisa, 2014). Since the half of the cereal consumers are adults they try to make the new products nostalgic to influence adults’ choices of breakfast type. Another reason that many cereal companies believe is the reason of the lowered consumption of cereal is the “laziness” of people, because as the article states the 40 percent of teenagers consider eating cereal on breakfast is inconvenient because they have to clean-up afterwards, and they prefer to eat something that will not take much of their time (Mitchell, 2016). Therefore many consumers switch from eating cereal to another breakfast not because they don’t like it anymore but because it takes longer time to make it and clean-up. Thus, when my All-In-One product get introduced in the market, we will have a

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