The Drought By Kansas Dust Bowl

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Why would anyone live in a place where crops don’t grow because the soil is blowing away? The dust bowl was one of the places so dry and windy that people there wore handkerchiefs just to keep all the dirt and dust out of their eyes. This desolate area was the western third of Kansas where there was no rain and three words ruled their life - if it rains.

According to the article called “The Drought” by the Public Broadcasting Organization, before the western third of Kansas got its name the land was rich in soil. The settlers plowed the land and did the farming techniques that they were taught by their mother and father in the land that they were from. They planted wheat crops that were high in demand because of World War 1. The cows and sheep herds started to overeat and they stripped the western plains of their grass and then something terrible happened the drought started. That was it for the grass it said goodbye to the soil it was sitting on and blew away. It was gone with the wind, and you can't jump up into the air, catch some grass and slam it into the soil thinking " Sit,Stay" and think that it will stay there this grass was gone and it won't come back with the wind.
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The day after Black Sunday, Robert Geiger a reporter for the Associated Press went through the region and said “Three little words achingly familiar on a Western farmer’s tongue, rule life in the dust bowl of the continent – if it rains.” This one sentence spread like wildfire to the radio, broadcasts and publications, in private letters, and in public speeches. This was a big little day in the dust bowl, because they finally got the name that they would become famous by, all because of a man, and a former man who had compared the Great Plains to a fertile bowl, rimmed by
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