The Drought : Kim Hammond

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One individual who has been emotionally affected by the california drought is Kim Hammond. She has a mixed perception of the drought as on one hand her company profits from the desperate farmers, but she also sees the devastation that the drought is causing. She is a secretary responsible for a ground drilling company, ‘Arthur & Orum’ that can save farmers from losing their crops by drilling for groundwater on their farms and creating a well. In California, groundwater is typically responsible for around 30% of the state 's water supplies. However in cases like this of extreme drought, this figure rises to approximately 60%. This is a very big responsibility for someone like Kim Hammond, as it is her decision to either give a farm water or leave them to dry up. She says “Every day we have people on the phone or here in person, pleading.” The farmers of california are desperate for water as it is the basis of their entire livelihoods and without it they will end up with nothing. This is a lot of responsibility for her, she told The Guardian “It’s just way too stressful, playing God”, “We’re overwhelmed. We’re going crazy...Everyone is in a desperate situation. Everyone has a sad story.” Her company has a waiting list of three years for farmers to have their requests processed, for many farmers this is a last resort and without the groundwater their farms are left to dry up. But the demand is too huge, California had a large and extremely productive agricultural region,

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