The Drought Of The Western United States

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The drought in the western United States is a nationwide concern that directly affects every person in California. It is every person’s responsibility to use water sustainably and no college, including the University of Southern California, is an exception. Rather than lagging behind sustainable water usage, USC should be at the forefront of it. On the surface of USC’s environmental sustainability campaign, it seems as if they are making sweeping changes; however directly under the first layer of facts there are holes in their plan. If USC made small changes to both their resident hall and landscaping water use, they could not only save money but also better USC’s environmentally friendly status. Regardless of whether or not California is in a drought, USC should still strive to be a model for water sustainability because it would not only better the school’s reputation of being a green university, but it would also save money. From a wider scope of things, water usage is important for more reasons than solely the drought in California. As the world’s population nears 7.4 billion people, more people are born each day compared to how many pass away. Looking at the world’s total volume of water, only 2.5% of it is drinkable fresh water. Furthermore, 70% of that freshwater is frozen. With an every increase population like the one we have today, it is likely that water will become the most important resource to mankind. The problem lies in the way the fresh water is…
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