The Drowned and the Saved

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May 1, 2010 Holocaust The Drowned and the Saved Primo Levi’s last book, The Drowned and the Saved, not only commemorates his time spent at Auschwitz concentration camp, but also analyzes the situations that happened to him and his fellow prisoners. The book gives sight to what was going on in the lives of all parties involved and how each has evolved into what they are today. The purpose of Levi’s book was for his audience to realize that even in our modern world, something tragic like the Holocaust can occur again. In the beginning of his book, Levi focuses on people’s memories of what happened. Every side seems to have a justification to their actions. In today’s world, audiences cannot understand why a Nazi could say he/she…show more content…
He could not handle that his expectations had been failed and knew that there was no life for him after Nazi Germany. This is important because the man continuously lived and another world. His fantasies only let him see conspiracies against him. The title itself comes from the saved- those who survived, and the drowned- those who not only lost their physical lives, but their humanity before death. The saved are not really saved, for they never truly escape the camps. Even today, one sees the world and how it may not be really changing; new advances in the world just alter it. But the original greed felt by Hitler and his Nazi followers is still prevalent in countries that have not yet experienced democracy or any resemblance to a free nation. Levi’s book examines are parts of human nature and how it coincides with various experiences in the Holocaust. In life, there is not simply good and evil, for people make up situations that pushes the bonds of our understanding. Levi tries to relate to the world that we cannot simply watch and withstand the bad things going on. For we must stand up for justice and not let another genocide happen to any race. If wars are to be fought, it must be for good purpose and done as swift fully as possible. What the people in concentration and death camps experienced was not acceptable and even if one survives such a tragedy, they will
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