The Drug And Alcohol Addiction

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Many drug addicts go back and forth into the correctional system due to their drug and alcohol addiction. They are suffering from an addiction that they need help in overcoming, or else they will find themselves getting it the best way they know how. They will prey on the community by robbing and stealing to support their habit. The question is should they go to jail or should they get help for this habit? The answer is quite simple they should be offered help within the justice system to help deter crimes in the community. But in order to do this the offender must be willing to take the first step in gaining recovery from this addiction by admitting he or she has a problem. This will allow him or her help needed to overcome this addiction. Many offenders have been arrested over and over again to support a habit that they need to feed, and it seems like a waste of time and effort in trying to get help from a drug treatment program that they have to pay for, because they can’t afford it. Many drug treatment centers are too expensive, that it turns away the drug addicts that are in need of help and are crying out for the help. It seems like they would have to get arrested for the problem in order for it to be paid for, there is no way around it. Some drug programs ask for medical insurance, and many offenders do not have medical insurance let along afford to pay for it. Therefore, they continue to use drugs and alcohol due to no form of support or help unless they get arrested…
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