The Drug And Alcohol Can Damage One 's Work And Social Life

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Even though drug and alcohol can damage one’s work and social life, it has an even greater effect on the family. There are several situations in which Wes’s mother, Mary, does not provide the guidance that her son so desperately needs. After skipping school and partying with his friends, Wes comes back to his house visibly intoxicated. Mary and her boyfriend seem to think that Wes’ state is pretty entertaining, and they make fun of him for it. “Mary laughed, watching him squirm. ‘Well, at least now you know how bad it feels and you will stay away from drinking” (The Other Wes Moore page 62).Instead of giving some sort of punishment, or even sitting Wes down and having a conversation with him about his substance use, Mary acted as if it was nothing. Mary chose to ignore Wes’s substance abuse because of the fact that she didn’t think it was a big deal. Instead, she allowed him to suffer, hoping that he would learn his lesson. However, she chose not to directly address the problem, thus Wes did not learn the lesson she was hoping he would. Instead of playing it cool, Mary should have disciplined Wes in such a way that he would know that alcohol and drug use were not acceptable in her house. Because she fails to do this, Wes now believes that alcohol and drugs are okay, not only for him, but for others as well. This is perhaps what leads him into his belief that selling drugs is a good idea. Likewise, when Wes’ interest in drugs intensifies to that of drug dealer, Mary just
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