The Drug Crisis Of Colombia

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It is astounding how a group of traffickers in Colombia have been able to keep a drug trade business going despite the government rejections. The traffickers started off with importing marijuana into the United States, and later turned to cocaine. The amounts of drugs being traded also grew rapidly. “…shipments grew from individuals carrying small amounts of large quantities on boats and low-flying airplanes”(Gilmore). The growth of drug trade in Colombia created two cartels, one that was led by Medellin and one led in Cali. Soon enough, the drug industry became so powerful that it influenced the country politically through threats, political contributions, and bribery. This power created conflict throughout the country creating violence which resulted in hundreds of deaths. It had resulted in complete chaos since the country was overpowered by illegal drugs. Despite Colombia’s strong republic government today, the drug trade problems have been escalating for the past 20 years resulting in the U.S involvement. Colombia has been known to be the perfect place for contraband and illegal drug activities, the vast mountain ranges made it impossible for any government to control its trade. “Colombia gives licit and illicit business access to four major neighbors to the south, and two oceans and Central America to the north” (Colombia). With these resources, Colombia has smuggled many things to other countries including drugs, arms, liquor, cigarettes, and many other things. It
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