The Drug Marijuana

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Marijuana is one of the most commonly abused drugs around the world and is categorized by the US Drug Enforcement Agency as a schedule I drug. This means it has a higher chance of being abused. (“Legalization of marijuana: potential impact on youth” 1825). Those who are in support of legalizing marijuana do not understand the negative effects of legalizing marijuana and marijuana use itself. There are several arguments for legalizing marijuana, however, the reasons for keeping it illegal outweigh the ones for legal marijuana. Marijuana should stay illegal for many reasons, for example, it will negatively affect our society and people socially, greatly harm our economy and also put thousands of people’s healths at risk. First and foremost, marijuana pertains to many negatives in the social aspect of our society.Whether it is because marijuana is a constantly abused drug, a big problem in physical impairment and driving accidents, or a reason for crime related incidents resulting from drug effects, marijuana is an inappropriate influence on our society. Notoriously known to be a gateway drug, marijuana is one of the first drugs a teen will come into contact with. "Over 50 percent of those young addicts started on marijuana smoking," says Federal Bureau of Narcotics Commissioner Harry Anslinger. "They started there and graduated to heroin; they took the needle when the thrill of marijuana was gone." (sullum). It is so available to adolescents, leading into more contact with

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