The Drug Methamphetamine

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Methamphetamine was used by asthmatics and people with hay fever to everyday house wives who wanted to lose a few pounds and who were going through depression. Once a person had been using the drug, they became aware of the costs of using and started to commit crimes to be able to purchase the drug. People would steal from their families and even murder to get the drug.
Methamphetamine was first discovered in Germany in 1887 as amphetamine. The drug was then left alone in the 1920s when it was thoroughly investigated as a treatment or as a possible cure for everything from depression to decongestion. (History of Methamphetamine, 2010-2014) In America, a minimum of 5% or 12.3 million people have admitted to using methamphetamine at once in their life. Expert Alex Kral, of RTI International says that an estimated 600,000 use the drug at least once a week. (Roehr, 2005)
A methamphetamine perpetrator and victim can be one and the same. They can be considered the perpetrator because they steal from others to support their habit. They are the victim because they live in poverty and have no money because society has told them they are not good enough to have anything or do any better then what they are. The victims of methamphetamine use are those who lose money or property because the outcast meth user has stolen from them…
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