The Drug Of Alcohol Addiction

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The world today has grown more in the drug industry, especially America. Many people are finding ways to obtain the substances and use them for either good or bad. America has drugs to make you feel better or to forget how sad you are. Alcohol, being the most popular of the drug list, is the most abused drug in the world. I have chosen alcohol because alcohol addiction has been dealt in my family and I know a little about this substance. It has been said that it is three to four times higher to know someone with an alcohol addiction to be one of your close relatives. Alcohol is a drug used for everything, which makes it a very common. It is used by many people for special occasions, at parties, through life’s accomplishments; alcohol is even used to kill germs on the surface of wounds. Many people also use this substance as a relief from anxiety, sadness, and make you forget how lonely you are in the world. Alcohol is one of the most used and mistreated drugs known to man. The only reason why it is still out of hand is because it is accepted by society. Alcohol is known to be a depressant, a psychoactive drug, and referred as downers. It gives the body a numb feeling; it reduces attention and slows the reaction of the body. The substance targets the brain which causes clumsiness, delayed reflexes, and slurring of speech. Sometimes alcohol gives the body an altered perception of space and time. The effects of alcohol can vary due to the amount of alcohol is consumed.

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