The Drug Of Drug Addiction

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In 1989, a group of criminal justice professionals in Miami-Dade County realized that simply sending drug addicted offenders to prison often meant these same faces would reappear back in court shortly after being released on parole. They realized that the drug addiction crisis in their community might be the cause. These professionals attempted to figure out a way to treat this individuals in order to help them rejoin society instead of being stuck in a cycle of reoffending. They worked together to establish the first Drug Treatment Court. This program was the first of its kind, offering drug offenders a chance to break the cycle and recover from their addiction. Drug courts are special programs which attempt to rehabilitate defendants rather than simply punish them. Although these programs vary from location to location, the purpose of these programs is to provide treatment for drug addicted defendants in hopes that they will be able to overcome their drug habit and stop committing crimes. For about one year, drug court participants are provided with treatment and services, meet frequently with a judge, are randomly and frequently tested for drug use and can be sanctioned or rewarded based on their progress. At the end of the program, participants graduate, and in some cases the charges against them are dismissed. Though the arrest warrant will still appear on background checks, there will be no conviction accompanying the arrest.
Drug Courts have evolved to

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