The Drug Of Drug Addiction

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Watching my older brother struggle with drug addiction has taught me more in my life than anything else. He was a smart kid with a good head on his shoulders. As he grew older he made some unwise choices with regard to substance abuse that quickly turned into a full blown addiction lasting over five years and landed him in and out of four different rehabs. He was striving to get clean, but every time he took one step forward he fell three steps back. Taylor entered Drug Court, after finding himself in a lot of trouble with the law, due to drug related incidents. Drug Court is a state run program offered to non-violent felony offenders suffering from the disease of addiction. If you successfully complete the 3-5-year program, charges can be expunged immediately. But if you fail to complete the program, your alternative sentence is state prison for the maximum term of your sentence. As Taylor took this opportunity, he knew he had to be fully committed to his recovery or he would be faced with a 10-year prison sentence. Commitment was not a problem; his life started to change for the better. He started his own landscaping business, fell in love with a girl and seemed to be heading down the right road. But as many do not understand, heroin retains such a ferocious grip on brain cells that relapses are part of the recovery process. Though Taylor had every intention of getting clean, he struggled and he relapsed on more than one occasion. The 10-year prison sentence…

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