The Drug Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

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The birth of pharmaceutical industry has increased the longevity of our lives in society and eradicated diseases such as chicken pox and hives, but has created an addiction to prescription drugs in America. The concept of prescription has made society to believe that taking pharmaceutical drugs comes without a consequence. Though these drugs come with consequence, the positive effects of the pharmaceutical industry helped eradicate diseases that would be a potential threat to our lively hood in today’s society. The pharmaceutical industry supports health development and increased the quality of life, but the controversy of this companies is that they are profiting billions of dollars each year off our addiction and reliance of prescription drugs.
America, which is 5% of the world’s population, consumes 75% of the world’s prescription drugs according to the United Nation Drug Report in 2011. This has led to an abuse epidemic in our society to people that are addicted to legally prescribed opiates. Though the word prescription has altered our way of thinking of our addiction to legal drugs. In 2010, 254,000,000 prescriptions were distributing that were mostly in the category of opioids. Chronic opioid therapy provides short-term pain relief, but is being prescribed more often by participating physicians. The dangers of being prescribed on a long term prescription can lead to opioid addiction and often death. Actors such as Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole Smith have died from…
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