The Drug Prescribed During Pregnancy

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is, you can only get it if you don’t have the money to support the child, but in reality we do the procedure whoever needs it,” says Dr. Yoshiko Onishi of Tokyo’s Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic (Leonard 1). The Japanese people are trying to make it legal for more kids to be born to the same family, and if Japan bans abortion their problem of slow birthrate will dissipate (Leonard 1). “Womenomics” changed Japan by bringing women into the workforce. In 2015 66% of women got a job, which is high for Japan but low for other economies. Only around 9% of women are managers in Japan while in the U.S. 43% of all managers are women (Leonard 2). That is an improvement that can still get better. The pill women take to induce their choice towards abortion during pregnancy is called the RU-486. This mifepristone is a synthetic steroid drug prescribed during the early weeks of pregnancy (RU-486 1). France approved the use of the drug in 1988. This caused the right-to-life groups to passionately oppose this drug. The abortion-rights groups were passionately trying to make the public agree and use this drug (RU-486 1). The news of the RU-486 swept the U.S. quickly and everyone soon knew what it was. The creators and sellers said this pill made it possible to terminate early pregnancies without much pain and in private. They also said there will be few medical complications and a rarely needed surgery (RU-486 1). But what people don’t understand is that abortion is not painless and could be
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