The Drug Prevention Paper : Beer

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Ellen Torman Drug Prevention Paper: Beer Considered to be one of the biggest staples of high school and college parties and arguably the ultimate source of peer pressure for teens all around the United States, beer has almost always had a place in almost any celebratory setting for teenagers and adults alike. One of the most commonly used legal “drugs” in the world, while beer can be seemingly harmless if consumed in small amounts and in great moderation, it’s impacts on the human body and also society can be detrimental if consumed irresponsibly. In this paper, I will be discussing beer’s effects on the body, it’s origins and history, how it is made, periods of spike and decline in it’s use, probable short and long-term side effects of…show more content…
The origins of beer and it’s history have been dated back to around 7000 BC in China where the Chinese would produce fermented drinks that were made of rice and fruit. Additionally, research has found that at around 3500-3100 BC, fermented drinks that could closely resemble beer were brewed in Western Iran. Through it’s thousands of years of production and utilization within societies, beer has been playing an important role in many different cultures throughout history. In fact, according to CBS news, “The brewing of alcohol seems to have been a very early development linked with initial domestication, seen during Neolithic times in China, the Sudan, the first pottery in Greece and possibly with the first use of maize.” (CBS NEWS) Thus, it would be safe to argue that beer played a notable part in the development of early civilizations around the globe. Continuing on with it’s vast history, at around 3000 BC, beer and the practices of it’s brewing and production began to spread out from the Middle East to European civilizations through tribes of Germanic and Celtic origins. Jumping forward to the years of the industrial revolution in the 19th century, beer was finally ridded of it’s domestically-produced roots and moved on to be a widely popular, income-drawing business through means of industrial production. As of today, the production and distribution of beer has bloomed far
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