The Drug Renvela: Cedars Sinai Case Studies

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Synopsis A current negative trend has been identified at Cedars Sinai. Male, middle aged patients who, after being prescribed the drug Renvela have been experiencing erectile dysfunction as a unpredicted side effect. The goal of this case study is to understand the many complexities in determining cause and effect when discussing prescription interaction and patient behavior. This study examines the various challenges medical professionals have in the tricky and difficult method of identifying causal relationships. This study focuses on deductive and inductive logic reasoning skills to help precisely identify the best solution for the patients at risk. Educational Objectives Students need to be able to identify and understand medicine side effects. Whole body health and the relationship between physical and mental health will also be explored in the study of this case. The impact of erectile dysfunction and whether or not it is a serious medical condition that warrants such attention. Students need to understand of the importance of medical professionals ability to communicate and receive communication from and with patients in order to best understand their problems. Students should also become familiar with the dangerous trend of over-medicating patients instead of simple diet and lifestyle alterations. Discussion Outline/Question Set - What is the best way of determining cause and effect? - What is a risk factor and how does it or does not affect causality? -What

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