The Drug:. To Grasp A Better Understanding About How Marijuana

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The Drug: To grasp a better understanding about how marijuana might affect academic performance, we must understand the drug itself. Marijuana is a depressant and a mild hallucinogenic drug that contains a mind-altering substance named delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Marijuana goes by several names, which include mary jane, weed, ganja, pot, and many more street names. It is important to realize that marijuana is derived from a naturally growing herb called the hemp plant, or Cannabis Sativa. Another important aspect of marijuana is there is a multitude of ways to consume marijuana. One way to consume marijuana is by rolling blunts, which is replacing the tobacco in a cigar with marijuana. Other ways include rolling joints with…show more content…
One physical side effect of extended marijuana use is increased respiratory problems. Marijuana enlarges the airways of the bronchial passage, which with continued use causes irritation in the bronchial passage. The irritation from marijuana smoke increases the likelihood that a person will suffer from diseases that are related to the lungs like the common cold and pneumonia (Anderson). The main problem with this physical side effect is that users are more susceptible to missing either school days or work days. Another physical side effect of marijuana use is it increases the heart rate of the user for an extended time after use. “This effect may increase the change of heart attack” (NIDA). The increase in heart rate may not be a problem in adolescents, but if marijuana is combined with another stimulate, such as an energy drink, it could create a serious problem. Overall, the use of marijuana effects the user in many ways physically. The last concept in relation to the side effects of marijuana is the social effects. One social effect that marijuana has on adolescents in particular is the idea that using marijuana is a “cool” leisure activity. This is could be a reason why so many adolescents try marijuana. Adolescents want to fit in with the “cool” kids, so to obtain their acceptance they use this drug. Another social effect marijuana has been linked to is amotivational syndrome.
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