The Drug Treatment Of Juan Medina

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Juan Medina is a 23 year old Hispanic male who was mandated by the court to receive drug treatment and counseling to avoid serving a jail sentence for drug possession of heroin. Mr. Medina resides with his girlfriend and son in a poor community. Mr. Medina has no high school education because he dropped out of high school in the 10th grade, due to poor academic performance, and suffers from a learning disability. Medina’s addictive behavior history shows that he is a participant in a local gang who distributes and sells drugs in his neighborhood. Mr. Medina’s financial status is unstable and considered to be within the low income level. Juan began drinking at age 12, and then began smoking marijuana at age 13. He continues to use both on a daily basis, but has moved up, and is now occasionally using heroin. He states he does not use on a regular basis, but is experiencing and showing symptoms of withdrawal related to his use of heroin. His family history consists of his mother who is alive and lives nearby, they are very close and communicate daily. Both Juan and his mother have a strong bond, Juan’s father is deceased, and he has no contact or connections to his siblings who live out of state. Juan has no history or affiliation with a religion. Juan shows signs of both maladaptive and disease addiction behaviors. We will discuss Juan’s addiction based on the diseases models to assure that he receives the appropriate treatment, so he will be successful in completely his
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