The Drug War Of America

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The drug war in America has shaped our society into what we know it as today, the war has so far been a failure where hundreds of millions of dollars, workforce, and policies have only served to maintain the same rates of usage as those in the 1970’s. When the drugs hit America, they hit hard. Overwhelmed by drugs showing up in almost every town, America decided to declare war.
Drugs first surfaced in the late 1880’s with Opium. Opium at the time was the most in demand drug choice. Opium comes from a flower called, “Opium Poppy”, people would take the “fruit” of the flower, which was the actual opium and let it dry up and then it was either; smoked, injected, eaten or put in drinks. When the drug effects kicks it the user would start feeling, tired, start slurring their words, memory loss, hallucinations, convulsions, pressure on the brain, and vomiting. When people started dying from overdosing on Opium the government came to the conclusion to ban it. Getting Opium was getting harder and harder to find, so naturally society went on the hunt to find something else to satisfy their urge to get the same feeling as they did with Opium. Someone found a white powder in Mexico called Cocaine and when they discovered that it had similar effects with Opium, they brought it back to America. The country ran with it, so much so that the brand we all know and love, “Coca- Cola” put as little as 1/400 grain of cocaine in each ounce of syrup that was the main ingredient of Coca-Cola, but…

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