The Drug War Of The United States

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The drug war in the U.S. has been waged on civil fronts for over four decades and has not only proven to be not only futile but at times even more damaging to society than the drugs themselves. The once virtuous intent of this ‘war’ has been corrupted by police unions and dirty politicians who have turned it into a carefully crafted system of capitalistic enterprise, designed push their political agenda by perpetuating the myth that drugs are the primary threat to our nation. Zero tolerance laws and strict prohibition have failed to achieve their goal of eliminating the supply and demand for drugs. In contrast, legalization in the Netherlands and Europe has already been in place for several years now, and with great success. Portugal has lived with 14 years of full legalization after their government admitted to both the futility, and counter-productive failure of their drug war. Income that was used to imprison part of the population is now being used to educate, counsel, and rehabilitate those who are caught in possession of substances. The U.S. government must also come to realize that their efforts to fight this invisible war have in reducing drug use, while at the same time, escalating violence, intensifying racism, and creating broken homes and families. The best way to demolish this corrupt system is through the legalization of all class B drugs along with the use, but not the production, or trafficking of all Class A drugs.
America began fighting its war on drugs in…
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