The Drugs Of The World

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The Drugs of the World Abigail Corral PIMA Medical Institute 01/06/2016 The Drugs Of The World Drugs have been around for many centuries whether it is used for medicine or for spiritual purposes. There are many drugs in the world that many people do not know about and there are many that everyone knows about. Drugs are mysterious. They can be disguised in almost any form. They come in a simple and natural form also known as nature. Plants around the world have chemicals that soothe pain and create hallucinations. These substances were once thought to be “a gift from heaven”, but now, most people think of them as dangerous. At one point, these drugs were legal but today it’s a war on drugs. Marijuana is the most popular drug in the world and also the oldest. It was first discovered in Ancient China and then migrated to the rest of the world. Smoking pot draws the active ingredient, which is THC. This comes from the cannabis plant. The THC goes into the lungs and then into the brain. Within the first four seconds of the first drag, muscles relax, there is lack of coordination, eyes redden, pulse quickens and there might even be uncontrollable laughter. Marijuana is the oldest medicine. It’s used for cancer and AIDS patients, menstrual pains, stomach pains, and glaucoma. Once the 1920’s came, marijuana was sold everywhere and it cheap since booze was banned. New Orleans was the first place to predict that marijuana brings violence and crime. In 1924,
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