The Dual Coding Theory Of The Human Mind And Its Functions

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Assignment introduction Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, including how it influences our behaviour. Cognitive psychology is the study of human mental processes and their role in thinking, feeling and behaving. It studies processes like attention, language use, memory, thinking, problem solving, perception and creativity. Memory is the mental capacity to retain and revive events, facts, impressions etc or recall and recognise previous experiences. We can remember information for seconds, hours, weeks, months or years after the physical stimuli that was present has ceased to occur or exist. This study will be based upon the dual coding theory (Pavio 1971) which was a theory that explained the powerful…show more content…
Bower studied the effect of creating a visual image to assist verbal recall. In one experiment, the participants were given out 100 different cards, one at a time which each had two unrelated words on it , like ‘cat’ and ‘tree’. The participants either had to remember the pair or create a visual scene in which both objects were featured. When the participants were given a cued recall test (given the first of each pair of words), the group who created a visual scene recalled 80% of the target words, whereas those who did not remember an image could only recall 45%. It was proven that the images which were more unusual were easier to remember, for example it would be better to visualise a cat living inside a tree, rather than a cat climbing up a tree as the first scene is more unlikely and bizarre. Experimental Hypothesis: Individuals are more likely to recall words if it is given in picture form rather than just the word shown alone. Null Hypothesis: Being shown images compared to just being showing the word does not change an individual’s ability to recall the word. Method The method of the study was to test whether being shown images to remember a word improves recall of the given words in lab conditions. Design The design of this experiment was independent measures under lab conditions to ensure that the most valid and comparable results were provided. Before the controlled experiment took

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