The Dual Function Of Determining Staff And Patient Perceptions Before And After Implementation Of Bedside Handoffs

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A1 Maxson, Pamela M., Derby, Kelly M., Wrobleski, Diane M., Foss, Diane M.. (2012). Bedside Nurse to Nurse Handoff Promotes Patient Safety. MedSurg Nursing, 21, 140-145. A2 Backround or Introduction This study had the dual function of determining staff and patient perceptions before and after implementation of bedside handoffs. For the patients they looked at satisfaction with their plan of care and improved their perception of staff teamwork. For the unit staff, changes in staff satisfaction with communication and accountability were assessed. A2 Review of Literature A review of the literature was conducted that limited the search to Journals published from 1998 to 2010. Of the 243 articles found the authors review found only…show more content…
A2 Discussion of Methodology For this study the authors instituted a change to bedside handover on a surgical unit. Staff members were invited to participate in pre and post implementation and as well as 60 patients (30 pre and 30 post implementation). Survey questions for the nursing staff measure perceptions of changes in accountability, quality of communication, medication reconciliation, workload prioritization and ability to communicate with other members of the healthcare team after receiving handoff. Patients were surveyed on their perceptions of input into the plan of care, understanding of plan of care, professionalism of staff during handoff, confidentiality during handoff and open communication between health team members. A2 Data Analysis The authors were clear in their presentation of the data from their study. The five survey questions used for the patients differed from the five questions used for the nurses and remained the same both pre and post implementation. Demographic information was obtained in addition to the survey questions. The authors used chi squared analysis to look for statistical differences in the patients and nurses surveyed. Each survey had 5 questions and a five-point Likert scale with 1=strongly agree and 5= strongly disagree was used. They then used the Wilcoxon rank-sum test when analyzing the data. The main weakness I found in this study is that it was a
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