The Dual Party Bill

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Criminal Justice reform has dramatically increased lately, and has become a current issue amongst all states and more than enough voters mandating a response from Congress.
On October 1st, 2015, Charles Grassley whom is from Iowa and is the Republican Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman led the proposal Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015. The dual-party bill was also supported and sponsored by Richard Durbin (Democrat from Illinois), Cory Booker (Democrat from New Jersey), Patrick Leahy (Democrat from Vermont), Mike Lee (Republican from Utah), Sheldon Whitehouse (Democrat from Rhode Island), John Cornyn (Republican from Texas), Lindsey Graham (Republican from South Carolina), and Chuck Schumer (Democrat from New York). The purpose of the dual-party bill is to diminish the amount of federal mandated conditions that are in relation to drug and gun sentencing provisions. This also includes arranging to make the new provisions subsequent; raise the “release” exemption to the drug mandated sentence minimums; due to the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 to develop to be subsequently operational, and reward incarcerated prisoners the capability to save credits for the time they have served already when attending rehabilitation programs.
The bill was endorsed by a divided vote of the Judiciary Committee on an election poll of 15 to 5 on October 22, 2015. For the bill to become an active law, there were a number of things that they would need to undergo for it to be. The

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